Artisan Study

The need for an Artisan Study emanated from many years of working with the Llangefni Social Enterprise.

The need for an Artisan Study emanated from many years of working with the Llangefni Social Enterprise who were trying to find a working model that would revive Anglesey’s failing, traditional open-air markets.

It is known that Anglesey has a wealth of home produced (Artisan) food and other products which are sold individually but not collectively at traditional town markets. This highlighted a need to find a way to work with existing producers and to find new Artisan products that would showcase the island and create a new style of market, known for its quality and synergy with other businesses in the towns it occupies.

The long term vision is to very much what we have achieved with our food industry, which is to bring together the “true” home worker, sole trader, cottage industry, unique producer of TRULY Artisan crafts, giving them a joint brand and route to market for their product

To enable the craft sector on Anglesey to achieve its vision of excellence equal to the achievements of the food sector on Anglesey a study was commissioned to discover producers of new Artisan products.  These producers were sourced via social media, information in local craft and charity shops and on-the-road community to community searches.

Crafts collections and inspections were carried out and the best received low level business support advice to enable them to decide whether they wished to take their product to market.  If interested they would be part of a new Artisan group proposed for Anglesey – Môn Made.



The conclusions of the study were:


  • 23 artisan crafters discovered
  • 8 found to be of higher quality and keen to progress into business
  • One new network created – ‘Môn Made’
  • The project did demonstrate that there were Artisan craft workers working in ‘silos’ on Anglesey, it also demonstrated that there was a need to upskill these crafters in setting up or growing their businesses, especially so in marketing and the use of Social Media.
  • The study also identified young people who were high quality crafters and keen to empower other youngsters to also achieve.

Other pilots resulting from this work

The study delivered, numbers, quality, the creation of a group (Môn Made) which led to a pilot activity at the Food Slam Festival in Llangefni.






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