Pasbort i Fôn

The Pasbort i Fôn pilot aimed to trial a joint ticketing initiative for Anglesey tourism businesses.

The Pasbort i Fôn pilot aimed to trial a joint ticketing initiative for Anglesey tourism businesses (including social enterprises) to create a coordinated model, a pass scheme,  which would enable visitors to visit several attractions during their visit to the island and receive quality visitor information and experiences only available to passport holders.

The need for the Pasbort i Fôn pilot was highlighted by the island’s tourism industry and its concern that future planned and major construction developments on Anglesey, including Wylfa B would have an impact on the availability of beds spaces for tourists as many would be taken up by construction workers and their families.  This therefore highlighted an important, immediate need to strengthen the provision for day visitors and a Pass scheme was one solution selected for piloting.

Five Anglesey tourism attraction businesses were recruited to work together on developing and piloting a joint ticketing initiative, where visitors were encouraged to visit several attractions and receive information on nearby locations, however, most partners in the business group decided rather than offer a discount they would offer unique, behind the scenes packaged experiences exclusively for Pass holders.

The business group researched admission costs, unique experiences, special packages, booking processes, discounts policies and what capacity would be required to deliver the pilot, it also looked at the production of the passport and how that would work.

Films were produced of Passport packages, including, Catch 22, Halen Môn and RibRide, these special packages were only accessible to Passport holders. The films were promoted on social media by the individual businesses and posted on the TeliMôn platform.

Provision was also made for staff to be trained on operating and contributing to the project by recording data, giving visitor information and signposting visitors to partner attractions.


Unfortunately, it became increasingly apparent that the success of the Pasbort to Fôn pilot depended on a more digital solution – on-line presence of the Passport and the booking of experiences.  By this time the business group were unavailable to further develop the idea not helped by the main tourist season and were no longer contributing ideas, therefore, the Pasbort i Fôn pilot was abandoned and lessons learnt have been shared.


Pasbort i Fôn: Halen Môn - Kev Bach visits Halen Môn Sea Salt to learn the story behind one of Anglesey's most famous exports.

Pasbort i Fôn: RibRide -

Pasbort i Fôn: Catch 22 -

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