Yn 2018, cefnogodd LEADER beilot sinema symudol yn seiliedig ar brofiad sinema dros dro a gynhaliwyd unwaith yn Theatr Fach, Llangefni yn 2017.

In 2018 LEADER supported a mobile cinema pilot based on the experience of a successful one-off pop up cinema held at Theatr Fach in Llangefni in 2017. The pop up ran for 2 days and there were 3 well attended film screenings identifying a niche for community cinema. The intention of the 2018/19 LEADER pilot was to deliver 10 high quality cinema experiences across Anglesey aiming, amongst other things, to establish the most efficient and effective way of delivering a mobile service to local communities and grow the use of the pop up concept across Anglesey.

LEADER funding provided a large screen, a high quality sound system, a high-quality  projector and associated equipment in order for the SiniMôn pilot to deliver its aims to:


  • help local communities to help build intergenerational relationships, promote social inclusion, and help to counteract loneliness and depression
  • encourage people to come out of their homes to attend social events
  • wherever possible, promote the screening of films in the Welsh language
  • bring an accessible high-quality mobile cinema experience close to those individuals and families who cannot afford to travel and pay for visits to the cinemas at either Bangor or Llandudno Junction; and
  • establish a sustainable business model for the future.


The pilot has run since April 2018 and with additional support from LEADER, in the purchase of an additional screen and improved equipment, has delivered the following outcomes, all without any advertising:


  • 20 screenings in 17 different locations in 2018 with audiences totalling 1636 people
  • 18 screenings in 14 different locations in 2019 with audiences totalling 1405 people
  • screened 23 different films, including Welsh language films for Gwyl Cefni in 2019
  • 1 outdoor screening in Holyhead in 2018, attended by 429 people
  • delivered 2 screenings for Off Y Grid in Canolfan Porthmadog
  • helped local communities in organising their event and selecting a film, and in so doing make a choice relevant to the audience in mind. This has worked well and many of the audiences have been intergenerational
  • the most popular and most shown film has been the Greatest Showman
  • received extremely good feedback from all screenings
  • introduced a lighting display to further enhance the cinema experience
  • delivered a professional service.




The future of SiniMôn has been put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown but there is a future if the lessons learned, where relevant, underpin the future business model. The current proposal is to transfer the kit to an organisation such as Bro Môn which could develop the capacity to take the pilot forward with a business model that has both a commercial and a community focus.


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