Digital Access Interpreting System (DAISY)

Trial a training and face to face information service for the hearing loss community by making use of digital technology.

The DAISY pilot aimed to trial a training and face to face information service for the hearing loss community by making use of digital technology.  In 2016 there was no facility for face to face contact over skype for people who are D/deaf or have a hearing loss on Anglesey. This pilot aimed to link service users of all ages with a BSL interpreter and the Community Link person based within Medrwn Môn to access low level services from third sector bodies which will aid them to live more independent lives.

The Digital Access Interpreting System (DAISY) pilot was a good fit with Leader as it was innovative and the need for the system was highlighted by the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

The original approached was made by Linc Cymunedol Môn working within Medrwn Môn (Anglesey CVC) because they had recognised a gap in services.  The gap highlighted the fact that there was no dedicated phone line or email service accessible for The Hearing Loss community and contact is mainly facilitated by another person i.e. family member or interpreter.  This clearly demonstrated a need for the innovative Daisy Pilot which linked into the requirements of the Wellbeing Wales and Future Generations Act. The Act states there’s a duty on Public Service Providers to actively INVOLVE communities in planning, policies and decision making.  A lack of access to information in an accessible format makes this extremely difficult, especially so to a person who is D/deaf or Hard of Hearing.

The pilot ran for 6 months and focused on raising awareness and:


  • Trained staff to train service users in using mobile phones and tablets to communicate with interpreters (free service for the service user)
  • Raised awareness and delivered training via North Wales Deaf Association and Association forums as they were the most suitably skilled to undertake this
  • Equipment was sourced from Medrwn Môn and Menter Môn
  • A training video was produced and uploaded on You tube
  • The service was trialled for two days a week 10.00 am – 3.00pm from the Llangefni Town Hall



DAISY engaged with 1,074 participants via different mediums. The original need for the project was to offer help to the Anglesey D/deaf and Hard of Hearing community and to enable them to access services from Citizen’s Advice, Community Link, Car Sharing and befriending schemes etc, However the pilot highlighted a very different need, which was contact with the statutory services within – housing, social services and other local authority departments, proving a need for a BSL interpreter based within the Local Authority.


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